Abortion Funding: Who Foots The Bill?

The Health Care Reform Bill is a very hot topic being debated right now in the government of the United States. One aspect of the bill being heatedly contended by pro-and anti-abortion lobbyists is the provision on funding. While It does not say that abortion costs will be funded by the government, it also does not say who will foot the bill. The possibility of this becoming government funded is what anti-abortionists are lobbying against.

In some ways, the US Health Care Reform Bill is similar to the Reproductive Health Law that was currently passed in the Philippines, They are very similar in terms of having provisions regarding maternity care, hospitalization, prescriptive drugs, and well baby care.

US President Barack Obama has assured that federal funds will not be used to pay for the costs of this bill. However, he has also expressed a strong pro-choice perspective and has been supportive of women’s reproductive health rights.

photo credit: david_shankbone via photopin cc

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