Teatro Auditorium “Stradanuova”: (perhaps) a laughter will save the world

“Stradanuova è quello che non ti aspetti da un teatro”

The theatre-auditorium “Stradanuova” opened its doors to citizens on the 9th of October 2018. The placed, originally called “Auditorium of Strada Nuova”, first of all changes its name, to communicate its new management to the audience. The pilot project -managed by the cultural Association Interno 19 – aims to make Stradanuova become a cultural and multidisciplinary centre, focused on the social value of laugh. Cultural programming has smart comedy as its leitmotif.
To Interno 19 the mission is to conceive, plan, implement and share cultural events that restore beauty to all arts: music, theater, painting, drawing, photography and dance.

“laughter improves the quality of life, and we know it may sound strange, but comedy is a very valid cultural vector, as well as a valuable socio-educational and aggregation tool”

We must confess it, we are very excited about this talk with Michele De Negri from Interno 19’s team … Teatro Auditorium Stradanuova is our home base! Here the exhibitions of F-Orma network are hosted in their stop in Genoa but, above all, from this place we started to imagine our project, so … thanks Michele … and now, so sorry, many questions for you …

First of all let’s talk about your wonderful location, the most interesting thing is the mix between two very different moods. We are in one of the oldest and most artistically significant streets of the city but even in a old town neighborhood with various critical issues. What’s your experience about this?

The context in which Stradanuova lives is, actually, what conviced us to acquire the management of this beautiful theatre. Stradanuava literaly lives on an edge. It is on the edge of Via Garibaldi, the world famous museums street of Genoa; while on the other end, it is really few steps away from the Maddalena neighbourhood, which is a very complex and etherogenic site. Stradanuova is on the edge between the rich city, and the poor one.

At the same time, Stradanuova lives on the edge between being a theatre, and being something else. It is a theatre, but also it is an auditorium, which evokes its inclination for music events; it is a place for artistic laboratories, but also a place for live music.We expect that working with F-Orma will push Stradanuova towards another limit. Can a theatre be also an art gallery? We say it can!

Your team manages a theater, in these days a truly courageous undertaking, what future do you foresee for culture in a world of social distancing (that’s not only a body distance)?

When Covid-19 impacted Italy, all our team was aligned about the same decision: we are not going to open again until live events can be back again without restrictions. There are two reasons for this.

First, the economic one: we are a new-born reality, and we still can’t afford to host live events with social distancing; it would mean too few audience, that would require a too high ticket price to cover all the costs. The second reason is that a live event must be live, and cannot be done in streaming; also, live event cannot be cause of isolation. We cannot ask to theatre audience to go out their homes and stay isolated into 4 square metres in the middle of a theatre. Theatre is not a “bubble”. People experience theatre and live events not only because of the performance, but also because of other people laughing and crying along with them.

We are going to be back live only when live events can really be live again.

In planning theater season what are you focusing on?

Our  theatrical season is focused on comedy. We want to offer our audience a genuine variety of comedy shows, from the classical cabaret monologue, to the new-born Italian Stand Up Comedy, in which we are proud to say we are leaders in our city (but also in whole Liguria).
In these first year of activity, we are focusing on hosting important and known artistis from all Italy. In this way, we attract more and more audience.With a solid base of audience, one day, we will be able to host unknown artist, in order to make the audience discover new talents!

In last theater season what’s the most important moment to sharing with us?

In 2019-2020 we were proud to enhance our collaboration with one of the most important Stand Up Comedy agency in Italy, Aguilar Entertainment. Thanks to this collaboration, we managed to host the most relevant Italian Stand Up Comedian such as Saverio Raimondo, Luca Ravenna, Alessandro Ciacci… recently streming on Netflix with their shows!

The first and last time you’ve been to the theater as a viewer … What kind of viewer are you?

I must confess. I am a passionate comedy spectator, and that’s a difficult genre to find in Italy. Italian theatre is so dramatic! Jokes apart, I remember with pleasure the summer of 2019, when I was able to attend in London the show “The play that goes wrong”, a massive British theatrical success. I’m always amazed by the way that English audience participate to theatre life. I remeber it was a hot and wet day of middle July, and despite summer the hall was crowded of families, couples, large groups of people. And then, the ice-cream in the interval and the extreme customer care shown by every single employee in that place… everything was smelling of joy!

Genoa, our city, has a very multifaceted soul, for those who visit it is a truly fascinating city of art but, for those who live it, is something much more complicated, you know, I think it might be interesting to try to explain this complexity … What’s Genoa for you? Take us around real city

Genoa is a series of precious and tiny treasures, for which there’s no treasure map. To really know Genoa, you have to get lost.

find out more about Teatro Auditorium Stradanuova: https://teatrostradanuova.it/ https://instagram.com/teatrostradanuova?igshid=6xdq5hnwzpj5

Teatro Auditorium “Stradanuova”: (perhaps) a laughter will save the world
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