Georgian brand new culture: Fabrika + Art Up Street Gallery

F-Orma is hosted in Georgia thanks to a double collaboration with the ArtUp-Street Gallery project and the Fabrika Cultural Center in Tbilisi.

Fabrika is the cultural center in Tbilisi, Georgia located in an old industrial building, which was transformed into the space for rebellious minds to create and share. Once a soviet sewing factory has been revived and transformed into the hub of artist and creative industries bringing together enthusiastic individuals ready to stretch their minds with new exhilarating experiences. The space now continues its life as the popular hotspot that unites artist studios and shops, educational institutions, co-working space, the biggest in the region hostel, urban style cafes and bars run by locals, open space courtyard for meeting and socializing and ever-changing events.
Bringing together all these industries and artists leads to the cross-exchange of ideas, experiences and to new co-created projects.
For like-minded individuals, both locals and travelers, Fabrika became the platform for meeting with a great vibe and prodigious space in Tbilisi to create and share, co-work, learn, socialize or even have a sleepover. Fabrika has become the symbol of revitalization, recreation and reinvention for Tbilisi.

We believe in openness, innovations, changes and growth, we are always curious for new experiences and challenges!

Fabrika has successfully created the ecosystem of sustainable economy by carefully chosen residents, activities and well-organized business model.

Art | Up – Street Gallery is a movement creating an alternative, non-traditional space of exhibitions worldwide. The concept of Art | Up – Street Gallery is to introduce printed digital art by using Art Boxes installed in open spaces and streets, absolutely free and accessible for everyone. Artists can organize personal exhibition by filling out a special form through Art Up website.

Today we talk to Levan Geliashvili from Art | Up – Street Gallery team.

Art | Up – Street Gallery is a curatorial project literally “under the open sky” we are curious to know how it works

Art | Up – Street Gallery is a movement creating an alternative, non-traditional space of exhibitions in different countries and cities. The concept of Art | Up – Street Gallery is to introduce art to the public in a very simple, urban way, by using Art Boxes installed in open spaces and streets, absolutely free and accessible for everyone. The exhibition boxes made of black metal, A2 size, are placed on the walls of social spaces and host the exhibitions literally in the streets.

We are open for everyone, artists have an opportunity to exhibit their digital artworks such as computer generated art, 3D art, photography, mobile photography, prints etc. The only thing that they need to do fill out form and upload works on the online platform 

Being a gallery on the road means breaking down all distances with audience, all those distances with which museums, galleries, cultural centers have to deal. Even means to renew the urban landscape, restoring it with a new sense to people’s daily lives. Tell us about the strengths of this cultural action in your community

Yes, our conception breaks all kinds of distances and formality that exists between galleries and its visitors, changing the public opinion and perception about art. 

At first, when we placed exhibition boxes on the streets, people had mixed reactions. They even damaged them several times, leaving obscure and offensive texts on it, but later acceptance has increased, and now they love it very much. Every new exhibition is a news in the city, something that people, especially youngsters, are expecting. When you walk down the street and see those works, there is a kind of intrigue in it – you wonder where you will meet the next exhibition box, and try to understand what the next work will look like. 

Your project works both in Tbilisi and Batumi, which trends moving in local contemporary art scene and which one do you focus on?

Well, what is trendy and mainstream may not often be interesting to us. We focus on content and novelty, something unique and simple at the same time. As for the directions, we pay attention to mobile photography, character concept art, and also we try to touch upon topics concerning social issues.  

F-Orma network aims to discover and link together innovative and courageous cultural projects just like your, do you think it’s important to develop networking or rather are we too hyper-connected? What’s your experience about it?

I would love to see more and more connections between countries and the cities. We aimed to launch a very similar project “Exposium” back in 2013, but it appeared to be incomprehensible for relevant people, more precisely for state institutions having funds to support such ideas. The situation has not changed much since then, we just learned to do things on our own. Since 2016 Art Up | Street Gallery tries to expand its roots in other countries. 

To the end I would like to note that F-Orma’s project is a unique way to promote and exchange culture between the countries and disseminate innovative ideas worldwide. 

Levan you know, georgian and italian culture have a deep love (and ancient tradition) in share … wine! Teach us how to chill out in Tbilisi at sunset over a good glass of wine

Yes! wine, wine.. Georgia is considered by many to be the birthplace of wine, and its history can be traced back over 8000 years when the people of the South Caucasus discovered that if wild grape juice was buried in a pit over winter, it turned into wine. We do love drinking wine and having big “Supra’s”  that is Georgian feast and an important part of Georgian social culture. Here is a practical guide on how to survive in the first Georgian Supra 🙂 

If at some point you drink a glass wine somewhere and enjoy the views of Tbilisi, you may suddenly find yourself in the center #Raveolution surrounded by electronic music, diverse people who are creating a new wave and generation in Georgia. Our culture is so diverse that if you do not have a local guide or good pals, you may not feel the real soul and uniqueness of Tbilisi. 

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Georgian brand new culture: Fabrika + Art Up Street Gallery
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