F-orma is born!

Melkio And if we build a way to make traveling art projects, allow independent artists to exhibit outside their country and cultural spaces to connect?

Paola I say that would be great but it would require a lot of money …
Earth to Luca, Earth to Luca is everything ok on the Moon? Please respond

Melkio It does not need “a lot of money”!  I had an idea, low budget … promised!

Paola Ok, you promised, now you can tell me our new-new-new dream

F-Orma was born with this call, it was in July 2019, it was really hot and as always Melkio was optimistic, I was cautious but I think this is exactly the strength of our team: a strange balance between two opposite poles.

Before building the project phases, writing regulations, sending a mountain of emails and opening many sheets of Excel, Luca and I allowed ourselves the luxury of imagination and, I will be honest about this, it is thanks to Luca and his infinite enthusiasm if F-Orma’s design was born immediately with a free and open vision, in no way compromised by the practical and economic obstacles that usually discourage independent artists and cultural designers.

Paola in Strada Nuova Auditorium. the F-orma’s head quarter.

 The idea of ​​creating a community with F-Orma between cultural centers and artists who despite the physical distance could collaborate on a shared exhibition program is a tool that answers many of the problems on which we have concentrated our discussions and reflections in recent years. The questions that run within a small creative community like ours (but we believe they are valid for everyone) are in fact always the same and concern the great difficulty of developing cultural interventions or developing artistic projects outside a market logic. If you are outside the “institutional” circuits of contemporary art, suddenly even imagining and not only realizing a creative project becomes an almost crazy courageous action. Yet artists, cultural centers and above all people continue courageously and madly to laboriously obtain creative spaces of sharing, in which art is a living element of aggregation.  If I had to say where we started to design F-Orma here I would say exactly from this thought, from the need to connect with each other the people who in one way or another are courageously defending creative spaces of sharing, aggregation and enjoyment. 

The best thing? We found out that there are many courageous people out there who put a lot of energy to revitalize, open, make public cultural spaces welcoming and accessible, support young artists and give opportunities for growth and aggregations to their local communities. 

F-Orma in the end I think it’s just the way that Luca and I have found to tell all these amazing stories of resistance, rebellion and creativity. 

F-orma is born!
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