Espacio Tangente: Arte y Territorio

Las principales aspiraciones del  Centro de Creación Contemporánea Autogestionado ESPACIO TANGENTE son la autogestión, independencia, apoyo mútuo, transparencia y compromiso, como camino hacia la participación ciudadana y su implicación crítica y activa. Espacio Tangente considera que la cultura no debe ser solo una herramienta de creación, sino una herramienta de reflexión y actitud crítica, de transformación del contexto político, social y cultural en el que vivimos

The Contemporary Arts Creation Centre ESPACIO TANGENTE develops its activities in the city of Burgos since July 2001, within a space donated by the Instituto Municipal de Cultura (IMC – Municipal Cultural Institute) of the Citycouncil of Burgos.

A multi-use space of 240 sq.m., with a small gallery “La Sala Negra” (“The Black Hall”), used for installations, a workshop for graving/printing, a laboratory for photography, languages and meeting hall, offices and archives, soundroom, room for computers and autoedition, archive of artworks and publications, a library.

Autonomy, transparency, independence are the values with which Espacio Tangente acts to build an open and dynamic project, able to choose, connect and effectively activate the cultural and artistic events of its environment.

Develops his own cultural project by strongly believing in group work and network. Its activity relies on a large group of individual and collective collaborators and on the wide-ranging connection with museums, independent cultural spaces and underground creative centers inside and outside Europe.

Exhibition “Teatro de objetos” Chronoscopio by Patricia Caballero (2010)

Espacio Tangente completes the city cultural scene by talking to its audience about new styles, projects and artistic research. The focus is to make the cultural experience in the city diverse and multi-perspective. It’s also important to be a reference and meeting point for local artists at national and international level.

Exhibition “Teatro documental” – VOLK 2 by Cecilia Perez Pradal (2011)

Activities are not only public ones such as exhibitions, workshops and conferences. It has also developed tools for creation and diffusion of contemporary art, always in constant dialogue with its audience: photography-plastic arts-sound workshop, book and video library, free spaces dedicated to the city’s cultural associations.

Focused on development “Foro Arte y Territorio” (“Art & Territories Forum”) project, in three years over 250 artists and art collectors have joined and activated to grow the local art scene. This is the path Espacio Tangente is tracing for the future.

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Espacio Tangente: Arte y Territorio
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