Daniele Saccardi “ARAR – ALL RIGHTS ARE RIGHT”

Daniele Saccardi was born in Florence in 1985, the son of the 1980s and influenced by the 1990s. Since he was a child he loves drawing, he starts with the notebooks that his grandmother gave him, reproducing Mickey Mouse comics. His actual artistic training starts in middle school with a professor who will be his mentor, and will also follow him in the years of the Art Institute.

Switch from notebooks to walls, and from walls to graphics tablets. His style has evolved over the years, exploring different sides of illustration. Drawing from life, bold and geometric lines, manual and digital collages, until the last period in which he decided to draw freehand. Always try to send a message, more or less decipherable, also touching the strings of the optical art. His marked iconic research and pop – punk style lead him to draw for different realities, from music to commercial illustration.

Famous are his illustrations for the Nozoo party at Goa in Rome, just as famous are his single-line drawings with which he decorates
the walls of many concept stores and cocktail bars. Daniele’s strenght is being able to combine art without limitations with projects that can be observed even commercial and not usual contexts for illustration.

Daniele joins to F-Orma network exposing ARAR (ALL RIGHTS ARE RIGHT), his illustration project give an equality message to reach everyone. Nine panels drawing with iconic style a world of complicity and sharing made to involve people. The essence of drawing, with neutral and almost androgynous forms, puts every being on the same level with respect to the world. We are all equal in the presence of nature. Emotions have no color, have no race and must never have it. The colors are full, the paints are dense, there are no shades, because in this project there are no positions, if not the only one, that all rights are right.

Daniele’s project begins the F-Orma tour with an exhibition hosted by Art Up Street Gallery and Fabrika in Tbilisi. Before this opening we talked with Daniele about his work, his life and his cool city, Florence.

Daniele we falled in love with your illustrations at first look, geometry that plays with color and takes on a sweeter feeling, it’s a balance between two very different moods, how much of your nature is here?

First I would like to thank you for involve me in F-Orma network, for me it’s a great pleasure, I’m excited and honored to be part of it. In my ARAR (All Rights Are Right) project, there’s everything of me in this step of my life. I became father just a year ago and my art represents everything that I would like to teach to my son. We’re talking about equality and sharing, the clean and geometric figures represent my decision-making side, the attitude I have towards the stances.About sweeter colours, that’s my character side as I’m a good human being and very patient .. except when I get angry 🙂

You growing, living and working  in Florence, the art city par excellence, is this a limit or rather an inspiration?

Florence for his citizens is “pleasure and pain”, we still live the Renaissance splendour and we are proud about it, but then something is missing, this days any unsolved economic and political problem is an hard blow to social cohesion. Maybe sometimes, you would like changes your environment and leave this town, but the bond is too strong: every day, every glimpse, every corner is inspiration. This must be the place for me.

Illustration is not just an artistic expression in your life, you are even involved in graphic work for companies, I think it’s very interesting for you developing your artistic project on several levels, how is your experience about it?

Art is my world, every day. My goal is try to insert illustration (or at least the artistic side) and a concept in every graphic project: a record label, design usefull for clubs or brand identity project, all opportunities to experience my art and evolve.

Share with us your secret place in Florence 

My secret place in Florence? Good question. If I close my eyes, more than a place, I remember a feeling. Via dei Georgofili near the restaurant Trattoria Ora d’Aria (my favorite), close to Ponte Vecchio. It’s lunch time, summer, sun is burning, Arno river slowly follows its flow and the small streets all around you. That’s my secret place – but it’s always better to share it, walking hand in hand, because anyway life, as art, is always all about love.

find out more about Daniele: https://instagram.com/mister_pulp

Daniele Saccardi “ARAR – ALL RIGHTS ARE RIGHT”
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