Stradanuova Teatro Auditorium


Genova - Italy

Auditorium Strada Nuova is a theater located in Via Garibaldi in the historic center of Genoa in one of the most important streets of the city from an artistic and architectural point of view, focus here some of the beautiful Palazzi dei Rolli recognized world heritage by UNESCO. The exhibitions developed by the network of artistic communities F-Orma are hosted in Foyer of Auditorium  Strada Nuova. In this way it cooperates with a lively and active cultural reality in the area and is available to the public theater of a new cultural opportunities. 

The host theater is a landmark for several cultural associations that share spaces and activities here, F-Orma is part of this reality in order to enrich the overall programming to land supply and collaborate with other associations in the work of positive fertilization of the social community in which it operates through art.

F-Orma team coordinates the international network of artistic communities organizing, connecting and promoting the history, projects and activities of the network partners. The goals include the expansion of the network and opportunities for cultural exchange between partners.

Art project from Genova:

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