Cantiere San Bernardo

Cantiere Sanbernardo is a cultural association having its premises in a converted XV century church in the historical center of Pisa. Managed by a group of dynamic volunteers, since 2002, Cantiere Sanbernardo promotes and offers various activities and events such as music concerts, art exhibitions,art installations, video-art, theatrical performances, film projections, book presentations, but also weekly courses on theatre, dance and singing,workshops on lighting techniques, handcraft and juggling. 

The association has hosted Italian and international artists with their activities and has encouraged cultural exchange.

Within such a cultural ferment, during the years, the church has been home to a number of solid projects: a resident theater group (Teatro Cantiere), a contest dedicated to acoustic music and environmental sustainability (Senza Filo Music Contest), a writing festival (Materia), video projects, workshops and many other cultural aggregation opportunities. 

It has become a place for aggregation and cultural exchange and an important reality for the whole neighborhood, with which they have created a respectful relationship, and for the city. 

As a matter of fact, Cantiere Sanbernardo is a space for contemporary artistic manifestations coming from Pisa and Tuscany, especially focused on younger generations and sub-cultures. Their “sacredwalls” have also witnessed the presence of internationally famous artists and the development of local artists, thanks to an organized and intense series of collaborations [visual artists like Amos Poe, Blu, Ericaeilcane, Francesco Masci, Buff Diss, Aris, Hemo, Mosone, Pioli. Musicians like: Telefon Tel Aviv, Eugene Chadbourne, Z’EV, Vadim, Arrington De Dionyso, Daedalus, Dálava( Julia Ulehla and Aram Bajakian), Ares Tavolazzi, Giorgio Canali, Teho Teardo, Dome La Muerte, Zen Circus, I Gatti Mézzi, HowieB, Dj Gruff, Oxman. Theatre performers like: Penny Arcade,Work center of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards, Gey Pin Ang, Annett Hanneman (Hidden Theatre), Compagnia della Fortezza, Cacà Carvalho (Compagnia Laboratorio di Pontedera)]

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