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Teatro Auditorium “Stradanuova”: (perhaps) a laughter will save the world

“Stradanuova è quello che non ti aspetti da un teatro” The theatre-auditorium “Stradanuova” opened its doors to citizens on the 9th of October 2018. The placed, originally called “Auditorium of Strada Nuova”, first of all changes its name, to communicate its new management to the audience. The pilot project -managed by the cultural Association Interno […]

Georgian brand new culture: Fabrika + Art Up Street Gallery

F-Orma is hosted in Georgia thanks to a double collaboration with the ArtUp-Street Gallery project and the Fabrika Cultural Center in Tbilisi. Fabrika is the cultural center in Tbilisi, Georgia located in an old industrial building, which was transformed into the space for rebellious minds to create and share. Once a soviet sewing factory has […]

Espacio Tangente: Arte y Territorio

Las principales aspiraciones del  Centro de Creación Contemporánea Autogestionado ESPACIO TANGENTE son la autogestión, independencia, apoyo mútuo, transparencia y compromiso, como camino hacia la participación ciudadana y su implicación crítica y activa. Espacio Tangente considera que la cultura no debe ser solo una herramienta de creación, sino una herramienta de reflexión y actitud crítica, de transformación del contexto político, social […]

F-orma is born!

Melkio And if we build a way to make traveling art projects, allow independent artists to exhibit outside their country and cultural spaces to connect? Paola I say that would be great but it would require a lot of money … Earth to Luca, Earth to Luca is everything ok on the Moon? Please respond […]

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