F-Orma is an exhibition network formed of independent national and international creative players, which host, curate, promote and disseminate projects by young, up-and-coming artists.

“People leave traces of themselves where they feel most comfortable, most worthwhile"
Aruki Murakami (Dance, Dance, Dance)

Each cultural player in the F-Orma network develops one project per year in collaboration with the artists in their circle. Throughout the year, these projects are hosted as part of the programme of exhibitions and activities of the other network partners.

F-Orma aims to foster shared creativity by connecting places, cultural players, artists and their communities of reference. The projects originate in one place but come to life during the journey that leads them to exhibitions in the different host contexts.

F-Orma conceptualises and builds the journey of these projects as an opportunity both to create connections and contacts and to make participation in the different cultural contexts easily accessible.

The low budget dimension created by F-Orma for the exhibition tours of the projects stems, in fact, from the need to provide an easily accessible platform so the network players can make a name for themselves outside their geographical area. Each partner involved in F-Orma participates and promotes itself thanks to a two-way track.

On the one hand, they export the projects that they curate and develop to the exhibition programming of other network partners; in this way, they can engage with different audiences and with sector operators working in other geographical areas.
On the other hand, they expand the cultural programme developed for the local audience by hosting the projects on tour.

The purpose of F-Orma is to help and coordinate the work of the exhibition network with the ultimate goal of promoting art projects within its connected communities.

Let’s imagine a journey and its stopovers, pack our suitcases and send the projects off to their different destinations: each of them will leave a footprint in the places of their journey and a trail to follow to reunite.

Today's hyper-connectivity makes the promotion of creative projects immediate, thereby cutting costs but, at the same time, it often confines them to a virtual dimension. While projects have potentially unlimited, global virtual views, the costs involved in delivering projects to the eyes and engagement of a real audience cause them to be limited to the immediate environment only.

Thanks to the F-Orma network, art projects have a cost-effective, accessible platform, a real exhibition venue that enables them to connect “live” with a broad audience



Is an artist based in Genoa.
he loves to build projects, draw, write and .. to play risiko!

Paola Inconis

Project manager

Based in Genoa she is in love with cultural planning and art.
She has three cats and a passion for research on social sciences, the sea and french fries!

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